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Safety and security

Kriqit understands it takes a community working together to build long-term trust.In many cases customers and workers may be meeting for the first time. From website security to insured protection for property damage or bodily injury, our goal is to provide a service for homeowners and laborers to connect with confidence in everyones safety.

Welcoming someone into your yard or offering to work in someone’s yard, when the two have never met, may seem like a game of chance.

Here’s how to help ensure a positive, pleasant experience for yard owners and yard workers.

For Homeowners

  1. 1 Set clear expectations. Create a chore list and let yard workers know exactly what job or jobs need to be done. Even small details, if necessary, like where to put the lawn clippings or where to make the cut when pruning, can help make sure everyone is on the same page for expectations.
  2. 2 Be prepared with tools and equipment. Kriqit operates on the premise that you are hiring a helping hand, someone to do the heavy lifting, digging or raking for you or alongside you. But Kriqit yard workers are not professional landscapers and do not bring tools or equipment. Be sure to have the items needed to get the task completed, i.e. mower, rake, shears, shovel, etc.
  3. 3 Make sure your equipment is safe and well maintained. One of the unique benefits of Kriqit is that we provide General Liability Insurance along with Workers Comp Insurance. But, no one wants an avoidable accident or injury caused by poorly maintained equipment. Plus, no one wants to lose valuable hours due to equipment malfunction. If your equipment fails prior to or mid-job, find another task for your yard worker in order to fill the pre-paid time.
  4. 4 Be aware of the time. Please don’t ask a worker to stay longer than the duration for which they were hired.

For Yard Workers

  1. 1Ask questions. If you are asked to complete a task that you have never done before or if you are unclear on the instructions, then don’t hesitate to ask for direction.
  2. 2 Come prepared to WORK. You could have signed up to drive people around town or deliver pizza, but you chose Kriqit. That means you chose to work outdoors in the wind, the rain (but no thunderstorms), the cold, and the heat. Dress accordingly, bring gloves, wear work boots. Bringing your own set of tools is optional. Most importantly, enjoy being outdoors while you work.
  3. 3 Make sure the equipment is safe. One of the unique advantages of Kriqit is that we provide General Liability for Workers’ Comp. But, no one wants an avoidable accident or injury caused by poorly faulty equipment. Use common sense; if a tool seems unsafe, then don’t use it.
  4. 4 Be aware of the time. Please be on time and ready to work the full duration for which you were hired.

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