Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to supply materials and tools for my Kriqit to use?

Yes, Kriqits are just contract labor that are focused on light landscaping tasks. For example, if you were to request a Kriqit to mow your lawn, you would need to supply the lawn mower.

What is the shortest length of time I can hire a Kriqit?

The shortest length of time you can hire a Kriqit is two hours.

Where will my Kriqit use the restroom if he/she needs to?

We encourage our Kriqits to use the restroom before and/or after each job. However, for longer jobs, the customer may choose to provide a restroom per his/her discretion. Kriqit workers or your home, property or valuables are NOT insured when a worker enters your home.

What if I want to re-hire the same Kriqit back to my house because they were so awesome last time?

Please do! First, leave them a fantastic rating, then go back to our website and find him/her in the schedule list and re-hire!

Couldn't I just ask my Kriqit to come back and do work for me at my home without using your website?

Well… you could but if you hired them without Kriqit, then you would be liable for any worker injury and/or property damage. That is where we come in. Kriqit not only connects our yard-workers with you, but it also insures our workers and protects you and your outdoor property in case of an accident. Essentially, you get all of the work and none of the risk and liability.

What if it rains right before/during our planned work session with Kriqit?

The worker is responsible for deciding the suitable conditions to work. We suggest, as long as it is light rain, then it is OK for Kriqit’s to work. If thunder is heard in the area, then the worker is required to stop working and seek shelter. If the job is cancelled within 12 hours prior to the start of the job, due to inclement weather, you will receive a credit that can be applied to future jobs. If a job is in progress and is cancelled due to inclement weather, then you will be issued a refund for the pre-paid time missed. The worker reserves the right to cancel due to inclement weather. While this can be inconvenient, our worker’s safety is our number one concern.

What if Kriqit work is not up to my standards?

Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a review. The best Kriqits have great reviews and are in high demand.

What is the longest length of time I can hire a Kriqit in 1 day?

You can hire a Kriqit for eight working hours per day. However, please keep in mind that Kriqits need a meal break. A typical lunch break for a Kriqit would be for one hour. In addition, several shorter paid breaks per day are required for workers to rest and re-hydrate.

Am I required to own my house to use the service?

No. If you are renting and/or want to reserve a Kriqit as a gift for someone you know, you can do that!

What if my Kriqit doesn't show up?

Please leave a review of your Kriqit. If a Kriqit receives 3 poor reviews from our customers, he/she may be dismissed from Kriqit as an independent contractor. In this situation, you will have a credit to reschedule with another Kriqit.

What if I can't supervise my Kriqit during the time I've scheduled?

No worries! Feel free to leave a note describing the job you need done, along with tools and materials easily visible for the worker.

I own a skid steer/bobcat, can I have my Kriqit use it to do some grading?

Kriqit does not insure our workers to drive or operate these larger pieces of equipment. Also chainsaws or any other type of heavy-duty machinery are not allowed for Kriqits to operate. A lawnmower is the heaviest piece of machinery that a Kriqit can operate.

Is the Kriqit's work under warranty?

No. Kriqit is an on-demand, light landscaping labor force. We can get small tasks done quickly but the experience in our workforce may vary.

Can they clean my gutters too?

We understand that you just want to go ahead and get it all done. Leaves removed and gutters fresh again. Unfortunately, because of our insurance specifications, Kriqit yard workers may not perform any work on the exterior or interior of the house.


Is my Kriqit insured?

Yes. All Kriqits are fully insured with general liability as well as worker’s comp insurance for your peace of mind.


What if I need to cancel my Kriqit appointment?

No problem! We allow cancellations up to 24 hours before your previously confirmed appointment! You will receive a credit on your account so you can reschedule another appointment.

Can my Kriqit cancel on me?

Yes, however we require 72 hours notice from the Kriqit. If your Kriqit cancels the job,  you will have plenty of time to find another one! Unless of course there is inclement or dangerous weather.

What if I have an emergency and can't meet my Kriqit and I cannot give 24 hours notice?

Unfortunately, these times do come up. Per our terms, you will still be charged. We suggest you leave a detailed note for the Kriqit along with all materials/tools visible for him/her to use.


Do I have to pre-pay for my Kriqit to show up?

Yes, we require full-payment from our customers to schedule the job.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For additional questions, please contact us at or call us directly(706) 255-1116.

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