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What is Kriqit?

Kriqit is an online destination that connects individuals seeking flexible work opportunities with homeowners who want reliable assistance with gardening tasks.

Our goal is to address three common questions for homeowners:

  1. Where do I find someone to work in my yard?

    Let Kriqit help. We turn to the community to find hard-working individuals self-motivated to earn extra cash.

  2. How much should I pay them?

    With Kriqit it’s just $30 an hour — no matter the task.

  3. What if someone gets injured or something gets damaged?

    That’s why Kriqit has General Liability Coverage and Worker’s Compensation Insurance — we provide peace of mind.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a platform that will meet our customers’ gardening and landscaping needs while their hands-on direction and oversight engage a purpose-driven work ethic for our mostly young adult, independent contractors.

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