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Use our online scheduler

All it takes is a few simple steps with our online app and a yard worker comes directly to you at the time and date you request.


Decide on your projects

Be prepared with equipment and supplies, then sit back and relax while your yard Kriqit gets to work. It’s that simple.


Enjoy peace of mind

We’ve got you covered. Hiring an insured yard worker from Kriqit at a fixed hourly rate means hassle-free pricing and peace of mind.


Pay by-the-hour lawn service 

The easy and affordable way to get yard work done.

No monthly contracts or waitlists

With Kriqit, you can request lawn service when it’s convenient for your schedule. No worries, no fuss.

At the spur of the moment

Just made a visit to a local garden center and returned with a few new shrubs? Request same-day service.

Get projects done faster

For do-it-yourselfers, get more work completed with an extra set of hands.

Make life easier

Make a list, then relax and designate the entire task list to your Kriqit.

Low flat rate

Due to minimal overheard, Kriqit offers on low rate of $30 per hour, compared to full-service landscaping companies who may charge $60 to $95.

Haggle-free pricing

No need for bidding negotiations or monthly contracts. With Kriqit, you pay the same hourly rate no matter what service your Kriqit is providing.

Project protection

Every job includes general liability insurance and worker’s comp insurance.

Worker ratings

All Kriqit yard workers are expected to maintain a minimum 4-star rating.

Student workers

Kriqit primarily recruits yard workers from local college campuses. Kriqit is specifically designed with young people in mind who desire flexibility and control over their schedules.

Neighborly Service

Kriqit is unique in that it connects homeowners with local individuals — not landscaping companies — who are self-motivated to earn extra money. We strive for a ‘next-door neighbor’ impression with our workforce.

Look out your window

There is always something that needs to be done.

Don’t get added to a waiting list, get it done anytime with Kriqit.


Mowing & Trimming

Our Kriqits can handle anything from mowing your lawn, to edging and blowing away the trimmings. We can also trim hedges or prune low-hanging branches or shrubs.


Pine Straw & Mulching

Spreading pine straw and mulch can be a laborious task. Let a Kriqit take care of it for you. Once you have purchased the mulch or straw and it is visible on the site, schedule us to do the dirty work.


Planting & Bed Prep

Seasonal plantings are an inexpensive way to add inspiration to your outdoor spaces. We can till the soil and plant flowers or seeds for your garden.


Sod Installation

New sod can add curb appeal to any home and outdoor space. Purchase the sod, and have delivered, then let our Kriqits take care of the installation. All you have to do is watch and water.


Brush Clearing

Fallen branches, trees and brush can be an eyesore and a hazard. Schedule a Kriqit to do the dirty work and turn unusable space into something worth looking at.



Weeding flower beds and lawns can be a never-ending chore. If you would rather spend your weekends with family and friends, schedule a Kriqit to do the job instead.


Earn cash for yard work

Turn hours into cash with Kriqit. Earn $12 per hour with 2 to 8 hour blocks. You determine your availability.

Workers wanted

Kriqit accepts workers willing to work hard and provide excellent customer service. College students who need flexibility and control over their schedule are especially suited for Kriqit work.

No experience required

Bring your landscaping know-how if you have it, otherwise be ready to work under the direction of, or alongside your customer.

No tools required

Bring work gloves, dress for the weather, and wear closed toed shoes. That’s it. But if you have your own favorite tools, you are welcome to bring them along.

Get outdoors and earn some cash

Kriqit work is perfect for individuals who prefer to keep busy outside.

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Kriqit Online Web App

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Kriqit Online Web App

Easily book a Kriqit online


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